The below example of a solar power system shows a complete roof and replaces the conventional roof covering. We designed and installed this system for a customer to provide an average solar power return of 12,000 kWh per annum for at least 30 years. The system has the ability to withstand storms, hail and other extreme weather events. This self cleaning system provides 20% more solar power per square meter than a traditional solar power system and comes with no maintenance work for the owner. This perfect photovoltaic system could be installed as a roof or on the facade of a building or as an integral part of a facade.
We have planned and installed many small solar power systems like this 4.4 kW system. We designed special mounted stainless stand ups for the panels. We developed a stainless steel mash to cover each side of the system. This avoids strong wind circulation underneath the system which is located in a wide open stormy area. 
We designed and installed a solar power system for “Zero Energy House” The owners of this two unit house are producing more solar electrical power and solar thermal power than they consume.
This 9 kW solar power system is installed on the top roof of a building 25 metres above ground level. A special construction minimised the vertical storm pressure and the snow weight of the roof - as well as the own system weight. The system withstands extreme storms, hail and other weather events.         
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